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IPLJ NEWS November 07

IPLJ NEWS November 07

The Volume XVIII Editorial Team is proud to announce our 2007-2008 authors:

Volume XVIII, Book 1


The Next Ten Years in E.U. Copyright: Making Markets Work
– Tilman

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Software Products and How to Accomplish a Technology Transfer Transaction in China
– Felix Miao


Protecting Public Health from Outside the Physician’s Office: A Century of FDA Regulation from Drug Safety Labeling to Off-Label Drug Promotion
– Katherine A. Helm

The Continuing Controversy Over Business Methods Patents
– Lois Matalen

Big Shop of Horrors: Ownership in Theatrical Design
– Jennifer Womack

Gimme Shelter: Why the Courts Can’t Save Online Guitar Tablature, but the Music Publishing Industry Can (and Should)
– Tara Lynn Waters

Volume XVIII, Book 2


Beyond Microsoft: Intellectual Property, Peer Production and the Law’s Concern with Market Dominance
-Daryl Lim

Copyright as Quasi-Public Property: Reinterpreting the Conflict Between Copyright and the First Amendment
-Adrian Liu

Towards a New Paradigm in Justifying Copyright: An Universalistic-Transcendental Approach
-Christian G. Stallberg

A Constitutional Idea-Expression Doctrine: Qualifying Congress’s Commerce Power When Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
-Yavar Bathaee

Entering the DRM-Free Zone: An Intellectual Property and Antitrust Analysis of the Online Music Industry
-Monika Roth

Removing the Greek from Feta and Adding Korbel to Champagne: The Paradox of Geographical Indications in International Law
-Michelle Agdomar

Volume XVIII, Book 3

*IP & New Business Models Special Edition*

Brett Frischmann

Are Universities Patent Trolls?
-Mark A. Lemley

The Mereology of Copyright
-Dan L. Burk

Internet Packet Sniffing and Its Impact on the Network Neutrality Debate and the Balance of Power Between Intellectual Property Creators and Consumers
-Rob Frieden

IP and Americana, or Why Intellectual Property Gets the Blues
-Michael J. Madison

Law & Online Social Networks: Mapping the Challenges and Promises of User-Generated Information Flows
-Tal Z. Zarsky

Thinking of the Children: The Failure of Violent Video Game Laws
-Gregory Kenyota

The Sufficiency of Computer Crime Laws: Should the Writing of Virus Code be Prohibited?
-Robert J. Kroczynski

Trying to Understand Software: Why Microsoft v. AT&T was Mistakenly Decided
-Drew J. Koning

Volume XVIII, Book 4

*Where Do We Go From Here? Symposium Edition*

Panel I: The Business Method Patent and the Patent Reform Act of 2007
-John Richards, Jeanne Fromer, Scott Locke, Walter Hanchuck

Panel II: The Death or Rebirth of Copyright?
-Hugh Hansen, Dianne Zimmerman, Brett Frischmann, Robert Kasunic

Panel III: Trademarks v. Free Speech in Cyberspace
-Sonia Katyal, William McGeveran, Brett Frischmann, Robert S. Weisbein


Chris Reid