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Dior’s ex-creative director convicted in anti-semitism case

Dior’s ex-creative director convicted in anti-semitism case

John Galliano, the former creative director of the fashion house Dior, was found guilty of hate crimes and given a suspended fine of 6,000 euros on Thursday by a French tribunal.

From the New York Times: “Mr. Galliano clashed with a woman in October and a couple in February. A third incident last December was recorded and circulated by The Sun, the British tabloid, showing Mr. Galliano sputtering “I love Hitler.” After the video surfaced, Dior fired him from his post, which he had held since 1996.”

Clearly Dior was correct in distancing the fashion house from Galliano’s hateful and anti-Semitic remarks. What this case highlights is the continued importance of and need for Reverse Morals clauses in Endorsement Contracts so that, for example, Dakota Fanning can get out of her endorsement deal the next time Marc Jacobs employees decide to text pictures of their privates to the entire office again.

This just in: Marc Jacobs is taking over Galliano’s old stomping grounds at Dior.

Nate Kuo

Nathaniel Kuo is a third year evening student at Fordham Law. He is a touring DJ, a manager and producer, and owns a bridal line called Bria Bridal. Nathaniel currently lives in Brooklyn Heights and spends entirely too much time talking trash to foreigners over the PSN while playing Call of Duty.