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Big Brother is watching you…

Big Brother is watching you…

The New York Times reports that judges in several states have been citing George Orwell’s 1984 to sound an alarm.  In November, the Supreme Court will hear United States v. Jones, “the most important Fourth Amendment case in a decade.”

The Court will address whether police need a warrant to attach a GPS device to a suspect’s car and track its movements for weeks at a time.  While a unanimous decision in the D.C. Circuit found this use of technology for government surveillance to be unconstitutional, federal appeals courts in Chicago and San Francisco have previously allowed police to use GPS tracking devices without a warrant.

Daniela Alvarado

Daniela Alvarado is a 3L at Fordham Law and IPLJ's very own Symposium Editor. She is an avid Central Park runner, enjoyer of West Coast sunshine, and internet troller. Daniela's note on the first sale doctrine was published in IPLJ Volume XXII Book 4. She hopes to one day pursue a career involving technology and the law.