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A New Look

A New Look

Notice anything different around here? With the help of the Tech Editor, Amy Dunayevich, I designed a logo for the IPLJ Blog in the style of old-school patent drawings.

Although earlier drafts of the logo focused more on the “entertainment” element, we thought a logo with a looming spectral Lady Gaga head covered in animated glitter GIFs seemed a little… garish.

We hope that the current logo speaks to the spirit of IPLJ – a consistently innovative and ever-evolving journal.

Click the image to see "Improvement on Skates" patent drawing by Robert E. Ellerbeck from 1/7/1867

I have also been working on improving the aesthetic of the site for smoother reading and viewing.  If you have any ideas or suggestions to make it even better, please leave a comment!



Patricia Chang

Patricia Chang is a third year Fordham Law student and is IPLJ's Technology & Blog Editor. Her interest in law was founded upon Judge Judy and other unrealistic depictions of the legal profession on network television. She fervently believes that her passion for IP, internet, and fashion law justifies the endless hours spent looking at clothes on the internet. When not pondering pressing legal issues, she can often be found designing dresses, building websites, practicing her sick golf swing, and being tormented by her corgi, Beanie.