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Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll

Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll

The DEA has indicted James Rosemond, a rap music manager with Czar Entertainment, on 18 felony charges for drug trafficking. Rosemond, who was the manager of Los Angeles rapper The Game, used road cases to ship cocaine and cash in the guise of stage-show equipment from Interscope Records in Los Angeles to a recording studio on New York’s Upper West Side.

It ain’t always for the love of the music…

Anne Reilly

Anne Reilly is a 3L at Fordham Law School and an associate editor of the Fordham IPLJ. Prior to attending law school, she toured with Riverdance, as a member of the Irish dance troupe, and received her B.A. in Art History at Columbia University. Anne hopes to pursue a career in litigation with a focus on intellectual property and art law.