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News of the Day in IP Law

News of the Day in IP Law

Apple seems to always be in the cross-hairs. This time Amazon is taking aim.

Firms are going to be spending $4.4 Billion on chips in New York. Not potato, but technology chips.

Viacom Inc.’s Paramount Pictures is combining its home entertainment and licensing operations.

Oh, and Apple again. New iPhone! New iPhone!


Joshua Steinberger

Joshua Steinberger is currently a 2L at Fordham Law School. Before law school, he worked in the entertainment business for 5 years. In addition, Joshua helped launch a successful cigar company, started his own tutoring company, and wrote a novel that unfortunately was not published. Nevertheless, he persevered and is currently following in the footsteps of his new role model, Oliver Wendell Holmes. Joshua graduated from Harvard University in 2004 with a BA in Philosophy (Cum Laude).