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Small Business harassed by Big Business

Small Business harassed by Big Business

Willa v. Wella.

A small start-up company that makes soap for preteens is being challenged by a mega-conglomerate over the name “Willa.”  Procter & Gamble claims that Willa sounds too much like Wella, its own brand of hair care products, and worries consumers would be confused.

From The New York Times:

“‘There’s no chance here that anyone is going to be confused,’ said Ms. Prunier, 43, a former film executive [and the creator of Willa] who lives in suburban Connecticut.  ‘They have nothing to lose. They are intent on shutting me down.'”

Rebecca Dunlevy

Rebecca Dunlevy is the Senior Notes and Comment Editor for the IPLJ and a 3L at Fordham Law School. Originally from Texas, she grew up hoping to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Her interests include fashion law, copyright, trademark, Internet law, and avoiding cybercriminals.