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OWS TM Battle Continues

OWS TM Battle Continues

We’ve already mentioned that couple from Long Island that applied for an “Occupy Wall St.” trademark, but this article brings up another interesting twist to the story.  Apparently, the couple weren’t the only ones with the “brilliant” idea to trademark an intentionally undefined movement.  T-shirts, merchandise, and other applications for OWS-related trademarks have sprouted since the movement began back in September.

On October 24, an unincorporated association “Occupy Wall Street” applied for the trademark to “Occupy Wall Street.”  (Notice the difference between “St.” and “Street.”)  This group has been screen-printing t-shirts and other items in Zuccotti Park, and plans to continue doing so especially once it has trademark protection.  However, an Arizona-based investment firm also applied for the Occupy Wall Street trademark just a few hours after the association did.  The investment firm has absolutely nothing to do with the movement, but saw it as a lucrative opportunity.

It is interesting to think that had this firm applied a few hours earlier they could have been awarded the trademark.  An investment firm owning Occupy Wall Street?  Now that would’ve really given some OWS protesters something to write about.

Thank you to staffer Kaitlin Keenan for the CNN link!

Amy Dunayevich

Amy Dunayevich is a third year student at Fordham University School of Law and is Fordham IPLJ's Technology Editor. Originally from the Detroit suburbs, Amy spent two years in the Peace Corps living in Eastern Europe without running water but with high-speed internet. Amy now lives in Brooklyn with her little black pug Roxanne. Although pursuing a career in the public interest, Amy finds intellectual property law to be extremely relevant, interesting, and important.