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The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was recently introduced within the House of Representatives as an Act that greatly expands the power of copyright holders, as well as law enforcement officers to regulate copyrighted products, counterfeit goods, and intellectual property in general. While on its face the intentions of the bill seem legitimate, opponents of SOPA think otherwise. Opponents of the bill such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook see the regulations as blatant censorship that will not only cost many individuals their jobs, but also that this legislation greatly encroaches on the notions of free speech. And it was exactly these sentiments that recently fueled American Censorship Day.

Keep an eye out for a full post on SOPA… coming soon on the IPLJ blog.

Chris Gregorio

Chris Gregorio works in the field of immigration law. Chris grew up on Long Island and graduated from Boston College in 2010. Chris enjoys travelling and sports.