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Surprise, surprise. More SOPA Opposition.

Surprise, surprise. More SOPA Opposition.

Even the Wall Street Journal thinks SOPA is a bad idea. The Journal Op-Ed says that Hollywood is trying to “strangle” the internet with legislation.

For those of us without an online subscription, summarizes the Wall Street Journal piece. From the article: “Technology makes many things possible, good and bad. One thing that seems a mission impossible is having laws keep up with the pace of change on the Internet. Hollywood’s effort to create a different story line for the future of the Web is a horror show. Lawmakers should walk out.”

We’re trying to closely follow the SOPA issue because it’s pretty obvious we love the Internet just the way it is. If you have come across any great links about SOPA or have something to say about it please feel free to post in the comments!


Alexander Bussey

Alexander Bussey is a 3L at Fordham Law and the Senior Articles Editor of IPLJ Vol. XXIII. He has undergraduate degrees in studio art and biology, and hopes to pursue a career at the intersection of law and art.