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Copyrighting the Land of Blood and Honey

Copyrighting the Land of Blood and Honey

Not even an action for copyright infringement can stop Hollywood juggernaut Angelina Jolie from dominating the big screen.

Jolie was sued by a Croatian journalist who claims that Jolie stole from his 2007 book for the plot of her film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” which tells the story of an abused woman in war-torn Bosnia. But this week, the plaintiff voluntarily dropped his motion for a temporary restraining order to halt the film’s release.

Fans will be able to judge the originality of the film for themselves when they see it in theaters December 23.

Diana DiLeonardo

Diana DiLeonardo is a second year student at Fordham Law. She grew up on Long Island and graduated from NYU in 2010 with degrees in history and politics. Her interests include singing, anything that involves chocolate, and the New York Yankees.