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Big Apple iPad Trouble in China

Big Apple iPad Trouble in China

A Chinese company that says it owns the rights to the iPad trademark has sued Apple and asked for a court order barring the company from selling the device in China.

What more, Apple is about to be hit by a $38 million fine for continuing to use the name in China. Four years before Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, it bought the trademark “iPad” from Proview Electronics, a Taiwanese display manufacturer, but the rights to use the name were not to extend into China. That didn’t stop Apple, though, so now the company will have to deal with this very large and very expensive headache.

Thank you to staffer Alex Farber for the link!

Amy Dunayevich

Amy Dunayevich is a third year student at Fordham University School of Law and is Fordham IPLJ's Technology Editor. Originally from the Detroit suburbs, Amy spent two years in the Peace Corps living in Eastern Europe without running water but with high-speed internet. Amy now lives in Brooklyn with her little black pug Roxanne. Although pursuing a career in the public interest, Amy finds intellectual property law to be extremely relevant, interesting, and important.