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Ravens Playing Defense

Ravens Playing Defense

The ongoing battle between the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL versus Frederick Bouchat advanced to another round earlier this month.  The clash began in 1998 when Bouchat sued the Ravens for using a logo, which he created and faxed to the team, without paying him royalties.  The suit asked for $10 million in compensation.  While the jury ruled in favor of Bouchat, no compensation was awarded and the following year, the Ravens changed their logo.

In 2008, Bouchat brought another suit in Federal Court.  This time, he sued the NFL for use of his logo in a highlight film.  Once again, the Court ruled for Bouchat.  However, the amount of compensation has yet to be determined.

Finally, within the past year, Bouchat has brought two more suits, one against the NFL and one against the Ravens.  Bouchat sued the NFL for use of his logo on their website, on their TV network and on the popular video game, Madden.  The claim against the Ravens involves the displaying of the logo on several large posters throughout M & T Stadium.  While the cases have not been ruled on yet, we can assume that this will not be the last time these parties oppose each other in court.

Andrew Eisenberg