Scripps's Bogus Copyright Claims Messes with NASA's Legit YouTubes - Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal
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Scripps’s Bogus Copyright Claims Messes with NASA’s Legit YouTubes

Scripps’s Bogus Copyright Claims Messes with NASA’s Legit YouTubes

YouTube users can request that videos be taken down if they infringe another’s copyright. When NASA posted a YouTube video of the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, however, an infringer, Scripps, had it taken down for “copyright infringement.”

Scripps is apparently a repeat offender that took down another NASA video in April. It’s unclear whether Scripps has done this intentionally or if it’s an automated glitch, but it’s clear that YouTube needs to ramp up its copyright protection screening or come up with some clear ramifications for bogus copyright infringement reports.

Marissa Kang

Marissa Kang is currently a 2L at Fordham Law School. Having spent her 1L summer working at a university general counsel's office, she aspires to work in higher education law. In addition to the IPLJ, Marissa is a member of the Fordham Student Animal Legal Defense Fund as a life-long animal lover. She also enjoys playing the piano and studying Chinese philosophy. Marissa graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins University as a History major in 2010.