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Zara, Fast Fashion, and Copyright Law

Zara, Fast Fashion, and Copyright Law

The New York Times observes that fast fashion chain Zara doesn’t copy designs exactly, but changes designs to satisfy copyright law.

Inditex, the company that owns fast fashion retailer Zara, manufactures clothing at a rapid pace, shipping new merchandise to its thousands of stores as often as two times per week. Zara offers on-trend clothing to consumers with a rapidly rotating stock and affordable prices. To luxury brands, Zara is a copycat, but Inditex makes sure to tweak its designs just enough to avoid copyright lawsuits.

Reed Kristovich

Reed Kristovich is a second year Fordham Law student, and is a staffer on the IPLJ. Her interest in IP was sparked during her 1L Property Law class and grew as she worked on fashion and apparel cases at a law firm over the summer in 2012. When not in the law library, she enjoys reading, running, and traveling.