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To Protect a Trademark

To Protect a Trademark

Nelle Harper Lee, author of the seminal American novel To Kill a Mockingbird, filed an application on September 12th, 2012, to register the novel’s name as a standard character mark.  The registration is specific to the use of the mark on clothing merchandise, and seems to be aimed at the Monroe County Heritage Museum of Monroeville, Alabama.  In addition to selling clothing bearing the mark, the Museum maintains active exhibits regarding the novel and movie, as well as operating as its website.  The Museum filed an opposition to the mark on February 19th.


Check out a recently published analysis of the dispute and legal issues in “The Misfortune of Knowing,” written by Amal B, an attorney and amateur writer.


Kaitlyn Schwendenman

Kaitlyn is a second year law student at Fordham. She first became interested in IP as a music student at New York University, when learning about copyright protection for musical works. Along with being a law student, she is an avid runner and cook.