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Facebook Privacy Settlement Holds

Facebook Privacy Settlement Holds

The Supreme Court recently declined to hear the case on Facebook’s $9.5 million class action settlement, letting stand what objectors argued was a settlement of no value to the approximately 3.5 million plaintiffs. In denying certiorari, the settlement now final–roughly $3 million of which is going to attorney’s fees–and the rest being put into a online privacy charity fund, including board members selected by Facebook lawyers. The original class action arose out of Facebook’s implementation of the Beacon program “which would notify a user’s friends of transactions the user made on such third-party websites as Overstock.com Inc.”

Read Chief Justice Roberts’ statement here.

Nicole Marimon

Nicole Marimon is a third year Fordham law student and IPLJ Online Editor. Her interest in IP comes from her love of books, her journalism background, and too much time spent with her technology savvy roommate. In her spare time, she cooks and spends time helping her dog establish an online presence. #nenushka