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Gearing Up for Brand Ads

Gearing Up for Brand Ads

Google is going after brand advertisers in a big way.

According to an article appearing on, which can be found here, Google has decided to gear up its ability to go after brand advertisers, e.g., companies like Volkswagen, JC Penny, etc.

Google is, after all, in the business of online advertising. They believe that there is enough potential for “massive growth” in actively pursuing brand advertisers, a market believed to be worth some $300 billion a year, to justify separating Google’s ad business into two distinct parts in attempt to capture their piece of the pie. These groups will consist of its traditional “performance advertising group” as well as a distinct “brand advertising” group. In order to market to brand advertisers, Google will begin to use Nielson’s Online Campaign Ratings, something they have been reluctant to do in the past, to provide quantitative data to potential advertisers about the head of their advertising spear, Youtube. With this, as well as other changes to make Youtube more cable channel like, Google is betting brand advertisers will be happy to pay significant sums to advertise on Youtube.

Daniel Nowak

Daniel Nowak is a second year Fordham University School of Law student and an IPLJ staff member. His interest in IP flows from his background in philosophy, late-night discussions with his programmer brother, and a sense of moral righteousness which stems from having watched too much Batman and Superman as a child. In his spare time he enjoys listening to podcasts, folding increasing complicated origami models, and expounding the virtues of the Oxford comma.