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The Knockoff Network

The Knockoff Network

Two Italian researchers released a study showing that around 24% of the advertisements on Facebook are for counterfeit items, Bloomberg reported. After just one click, users are directed to websites that appear very professional, often using the name of the brand in the Web address along with its affiliated design and logo. Facebook may face legal trouble since many companies have brought suit against search engines, which sold protected words as keywords that linked to counterfeit sites. Facebook, which has over a billion users, makes it even easier for to access illegal goods because these advertisements eliminate any need to actively search the Internet. While Facebook does have a review program in place for these fraudulent websites, I would not be surprised if brands demanded more extensive measures to help protect their mark against dilution and sale of counterfeit goods.


Jennifer Schein

Jennifer Schein is a second-year student at Fordham University School of Law and a staff member of the Fordham University School of Law Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal.