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What’s In a Name? Um, $10,000.

What’s In a Name? Um, $10,000.

Preceding the much anticipated September 27th release of the record Neighborhoods from last decade’s potty-mouthed punk rockers Blink-182 is a legal claim from the band’s former roadie.  Former guitar tech David Palm alleges that he came up with title of the hit 2001 album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket.  With help from an IP attorney, Palm settled his dispute with Blink-182 for $10,000 after shunning an initial offer of $500.

This is not the first time the group has faced IP troubles–shortly before their debut full length album in 1994, the band changed its name from “Blink” to “Blink-182” to avoid a lawsuit from an Irish pop band of that name.

Brian Roe

Brian Roe is a second-year law student, admitted Tebow critic, and life-long, suffering Jets fan. He is interested in the way that the law interacts with all facets of sports, and longingly awaits a Jet Super Bowl run.